It is not just Christmas to celebrate when the end of the year is closing in. New Year’s Eve and the whole winter season is another excellent opportunity for you to send out themed and aesthetically pleasing emails. But also to be there to make your audience feel cozy, or energize and motivate them in these darker months. As we always point out, in our seasonal email-related articles, it is the best policy to celebrate with our audience every chance we get. So grab a warm cup of tea, put on your favorite energizing tune and let’s enjoy the winter emailing time with us.

Why Focus on Winter Emailing?

Winter encompasses a significant portion of the year, depending on the location, the cold season can span from several weeks to several months. Considering Christmas and New Year’s Eve are usually just one day, winter is a considerably broader timeframe you can use to spice your email templates. It is also, like many other favorite celebrations, very easily evoked by minimal design elements. So you can achieve a lot by technically doing very little (With the help of our Email Editor Dragit, you will be done in minutes.). So it would be a wasted opportunity not to supply a little bit of wintery coziness or give your audience a little bit of cheer and motivation. As winter months tend to be darker, more passive, and depressive ( So winter is not solely another excellent opportunity to show seasonal comradery to your audience to remain in their memory but also means to elevate their mood. If you play your cards right, this can help to grow your audience, convert them and retain them by being the supportive friend, they need at this time of year.

How to Approach Winter Email Templates?


Generate an email, that will serve to provide a connection of your company to this season. It is the best idea, to not only be here at a particular point in time but create a connection of your brand to anything worth remembering. It can be a season, color, word, etc. that will connect to certain memories and emotions and make you considerably more memorable. Do not forget to use your branding:

  • Use your colors, complement them or fully winterize them
  • Logo, mascot, font - everything can be slightly winter-touched
  • Use your brand personality and connect it with the winter season

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No matter the season, you can apply any of your brand colors and you will do just fine, but if you want to spice it up, or cool it down for the winter, these are some useful pallets. 

Winter colors include shades of: 

  • white
  • blue
  • brown
  • teal
  • green
  • black

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Winter has many symbols, some more tied to Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other seasonal celebrations. But you can never go wrong with using these below.

Winter symbols include: 

  • snowflake
  • ice/frost
  • snow
  • forest
  • (polar) bear
  • mountains
  • warm drink
  • owls
  • snowman
  • candle
  • (arctic) fox
  • skying 
  • wood
  • fireplace

4. TEXT 

During the winter season, focus on connecting your products/services with the seasonal theme. Use clean fonts, continuing from the Christmas tips and tricks, it is great to use a combination of handwritten + serif/sans-serif font. It is best to use subtle wording change (the seasonal style) or promote some seasonal benefits of your products/services. Spice them up with some keywords (see 5. KEY-WORDS), and never forget, you can always use emojis for that extra playful touch: 🥶 🏂 🌲 🏔️ 🌁 🌬️ ❄️ ⛄ 🎿🧣🧤🧥🔥 .


As we always remind you, the subject line, and subsequently, headlines draw the audience in. Focus on them being attractive and then elevate them by being seasonal. 

Winter key-words include:

Cozy - Chilly - Cold - Seasonal - Wintertime

Snowy  - Calm - Foggy  - Spicy - Icy - Crisp

Knit - Sweater - Hot/Warm  - Dark - Silent

Why Focus on New-Year-Themed Emailing?

New Year is a big celebration, that falls on one (or a couple of days) in January or a month or so later for the Lunar Calendar. It is a time of change, out with the old and in with the new. This is also time for your company to either change or to be there supporting your audience in this transition. Many choose this opportunity to set forth a list (metaphorically or literally) of resolutions, that they wish to achieve this upcoming year. These resolutions are often something, you can assist them with. And if not that, you can always be there to celebrate, thank and reminisce!

How to Approach New Year Email Templates?


As we reminded ourselves earlier, it is the best policy to connect your company with the given season/event. You can use your branding and product/services that evoke feelings of warmth, easiness, and fond memories or energy, activity, and determination for this time of year. Leave the old year behind and in with the creative new year and new you with Dragit Email Editor.

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When it comes to new year, the pallet is so often consisting of very few colours and therefore it is even easier to fit this theme by just switching up your colors. 

New Year colours include shades of: 

  • gold/silver
  • black
  • green
  • blue
  • brown
  • red

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New Year has few very specific symbols, such as: 

  • cheers
  • the year (2023)
  • confetti
  • fireworks
  • sparklers
  • champagne 
  • clock 
  • finger-food
  • balloon
  • party


It is useful to choose two main paths for your e-mailing this year, the path of thanks and reminiscing or the path of resolution and motivation. If you decide to thank your audience, longer text, like a letter, is a good idea and should serve as the main content. If you choose resolution, it is good to use fewer words and more action, pictures, motivational quotes, and promotions. 

Celebrate New Year with emojis: 🥳 🍾 🥂 🕛 🎆 🎇 🎈 🎉 🎊


Follow the path of your chosen content, and create attention-grabbing subject lines and headlines that are straight to the point.

New Year key-words include:

New me - Fresh start - Resolutions - Gold

Vibrant - Celebration - Magical - Party

Changing - Sparkling - Brand new - A toast

Thrilling - Promising - Glistening - Memorable

Winter and New Year Emailing Summary

Another great opportunity to celebrate with your audience and welcome them to your world. You can use winter, to promote your winter-related products/services or just to spice up the design of your email templates. Winter has a set of colors, words, and themes that are so simple, minimal, and universally recognizable, that you can elevate your emailing game in seconds. When it comes to New Year, it is best to use it as a commemoratory time or a time of change. You and your audience can reminisce together or hype each other up for the year to come. A little bit of black and gold, sparkling wine, and sparklers and you are good to shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”. It is this simple, use your brand, our tips and tricks, and useful tools, like our Email Editor Dragit and you are seasonal in minutes.