Everything you would expect, and even more.

All elements you need

Every email is build by blocks that makes it unique, beautiful and brand-specific. Here is the list of all the blocks you can use to build your templates.

Simple but powerfull text blocks with inline WYSIWYG editor, that allows you to seamlessly edit and write your content.
Basic element, that every email needs. Colored, bordered, light or dark, everything you need.
Use our own file storage, and upload and manager all your images. Or find a free stock photos right within the editor.
When it comes to details, small features like divider, helps you to stand out.
Spacing matters. Make your emails pixel perfect, by adjusting all spacing around whole template.
Social Icons
Include your social network links within your email templates. You can use our light, dark or duo-tone icons, or use your own.
There is always a need to make something specific that only you can make. HTML block gets you covered.
Show your links in a well-known style of a dynamic nagivation bar. That is automatically closable on mobile.

Professional at its core

We always focus on our customers feedback. These are the most requested features. Are you missing some?' Let us know.

Font Manager

Every template is made up from texts. And that is the reason, why we build the Font manager right into the editor itself.

Google Fonts
Access all of Google Fonts, with more then 1000+ unique families.
Right in the editor
No need to leave the editor. Just open the font manager, and search for your favorite font!
Custom font families Soon
Upload and configure your own font families. It's as easy as three clicks.

Powerfull image management

After the text, the images follows. To make a outstanding template, you need to use images. So we got you covered.

Image file storage
You can store all images on our servers, making it much simpler to work with.
Modern image editor
Most of the time, you will need to make a simple tweaks to your images, like to rotate or change it. Now you can do all of those, directly within the editor.

Free stock photos & images.

Search and insert any free stock images, photos, gifs, stickers from all of the most popular sites.

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